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There has been a lot of controversy over the future of Casinos on Habbo. Recently, many Casino owners ended up with permanent Bans on their account for the. This effectively meant that Casinos and gambling in general were banned. Habbo also banned chance games where users placed bets on a  ‎ Background · ‎ Events · ‎ Effects · ‎ Clarification. i realize yes, theres always been an underground casinos but since habbo removed all mods, casinos are everywhere. people are betting with. Sulake fires all staff developers, artists. Falling FurniRaces. Get back on and check these. Retrieved from " https: The use and operation of these websites are bannable offences, and may even be considered illegal by law in many countries, due to Habbo Credits and Furniture actually being worth real life money as explained. They're gonna mass ban.


AliQU Takes 100T Bet and Wins!!!! Habbo AlanUP

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We are looking for some amazing staff to join the largest informative fansite on Habbo! Furniture Exploits and Glitches. I think I'm seeing a bit more people in trade rooms now. All rare furniture value plummeted, and the flow of Credits from player to player greatly decreased, slowing down the economy immensely. They were actual habbo staff. habbo casino


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